Zach Claymation

Zach Claymation

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reflections and New Challenge: the Magic trick


Making art for others is a complicated process let me tell you. First you have to think (if drawing/painting/etc), "hmm what does this person want to look like". Then you have to think HOW they actually look, and all while being aware of your own artist capabilities (unless your a vincent van gogh, and he's not a blog follower). Its tough, there are a lot of sociological factors going on, but don't give up!

Sometimes you have to make it less about how things actually look, and more about how they feel. I know my friend jay wants to be a doctor, I know its something he feels passionate about, and I know that I am not good enough of an artist to make a picture REALLY look like jay. So i fake it, a kid in a lab coat with a nametag that says Dr., a pair of running shoes that he actually wears, and a designer belt because I know he likes fashion. AWESOME. But here is the cool thing about art, all it takes is for someone to get the ball rolling, and then others can pick up on the idea and elaborate, change, simplify, or just altogether steal.

Perfect example, last Friday I went to see a Philharmonic preform the music of the Doors. Thats right, an entire orchestra was trying to recreate the music of a four person acid rock band that was huge close to 45 years ago. But were they really trying to recreate the music, or the feeling? I will admit the guitarist and keyboardist were probably much more talented than the original members of the Doors, but in the end they were not the real original members so tickets were much more affordable. With the strobe lights going, the horns chirping, the full string section adding an element to the Doors music that I have even realised could have existed, I was down with the feeling that was being recreated. Thank God people haven't given up on art. So to all those artists, please keep making it, re-making it, rethinking it, and however ya can just get it out there. We can't live without it.

CHALLENGE: The Magic trick

 Okay, so if you know me personally you know i love corny jokes, storytelling, and magic tricks. Here is one of the only magic tricks I know, and its so simple, even I can do it. Here it goes. Go to the bank, cash your paycheck and put money into wallet. When you return home, take an envelope and fill it with an undisclosed amount of money, something small, but enough to buy a little bit of food, a shirt, a movie, etc ( i'd guesstimate like 5-10 bucks). Ok, so when you put the money in the envelope, lick the glue, seal it and WHA-LA! that money no longer belongs to you, it is merely just being held by you. Where that money goes is up to you from that point on, but try to make it something that will get you to experience the joy of giving, and the joy of seeing someone recieve. If you cannot find a person that you want to buy something/do something for, you can donate that money to a charity, organization, church, etc. But the point is to put a face to those who we serve, making others realise that random acts of kindness benefit us all. Good luck with the trick, most people that see it really like it. Peace guys and gals

This is a picture done by my sista, shes an amazing artist (obviously). It is modeled after a women she saw at the airport trying with all her might to close a suitcase JAM PACKED with clothing. Im sure this had to be hilarious to witness.

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